Arden 1/2-inch Shank Pattern Flush Trim Router Bits Set, Carbide Template Top Bearing Flush Trim Bits Set, Prevent Tear-Out, Perfectly Suitable for Light Work

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Trim bit handle with bearing. Prevent tear-out and perfectly suitable for light work.

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1, Trim router bits handle with bearing diameter: 1/2″ to 1-1/2″

2, The trim router bit has 2 regular blades that can be especially handy in a touter table so that the template runs on the bearing allowing you to cut with the grain smoothly and prevent tear-out.

3,Tungsten carbide blades, high-quality alloy steel bodies. Heat resistant Teflon coating. When using the router bit, avoid collision between the alloy blade and the hard surface(cement floor or metal surface)

4,The trim router bit are suitable for wood, MDF, laminate, particleboard, plywood compact panel, acrylic and etc. Avoid cutting metal and non-wood materials.

Model No. A0215058
Place of origin Taiwan, China
Shank diameter 1/2″
Brand name Arden
Working height 25.40mm
Products name Handle bearing trim bit
Advantages Durable
Dimension 1/2″*3/4″*1″
Usage CNC machine center
Cutting material MDF, Plywood,solid wood panel
Precision High precision
Package 1 piece a plastic box
detail 3
Router bits 0215 (4)
detail 1
detail 2
Router bits 0215 (7)


Code No. Size(Inch) D(mm) H(mm)  BR
A0215014 1/4*1/2*1 12.70 25.40 1/2
A0215024 1/4*1/2*31mm 12.70 31.00 1/2
A0215034 1/4*5/8*1 15.90 25.40 5/8
A0215044 1/4*3/4*1 19.01 25.40 3/4
A0215058 1/2*3/4*1 19.05 25.40 3/4
A0215068 1/2*3/4*1-1/2 19.05 38.10 3/4
A0215078 1/2*3/4*50mm 19.05 50.00 3/4
A0215088 1/2*1-1/8*1-1/2 28.60 38.10 1-1/8

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