Keyhole Router Bits – 1/4 Shank Router Keyhole Bit – 3/8 & 1/2 Inch Carbide Blade Diameter & Solid Hardened Steel Body Keyhole Router Bit 

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T - Slot bits are used to make keyhole slots for hanging purposes.

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1, Tip: Cut a cut before using the keyhole bit to provides relief.Designed for the hand-held and table-mounted router.

2, Size: 1/4 and 1/2 inch shank Woodworking keyhole cutter router bit set, 3/8 & 1/2 inch in blade diameter. Tips: No suitable size here? Try to feedback to us by E-mail to get new sizes in the future.

3, Use: Cut long T slots as well as to make keyhole slots for hanging purposes, etc. Suitable for solid wood, particleboard, MDF, plywood, etc. Creates very nice clean cuts with minimal touch-up sanding.

4, Warning: It can not be used in electric drill & drill machines;Every time (or after 2 hours of continuous use), remember to use lubricating oil for maintenance before use;

5, Wild Use: This woodworking cutter is designed for portable and desktop woodworking engraving machine design, CANNOT be used in electric drill, drilling machine and the like.

Router bits 1603 (1)
Model No. A1603054
Product Name Keyhole bit
Size 1/4*10mm
Shank diameter 1/4″
Working height 6.80mm
Flute diameter 10.00/5.00mm
Brand Name Arden
Place of origin Taiwan, China
Material Carbide, high speed steel, Tungsten Cobalt alloy
Usage CNC machine center, MDF, wood panel, plywood
Precision High precision
Package 1 piece a plastic box
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detail 1
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Router bits 1603 (7)
Router bits 1603 (3)
Router bits 1603 (4)
Router bits 1603 (5)
Router bits 1603 (2)


Code No. Size Diameter  Dia 1 B H    


 Router bits 1603 Router bits 1603-2

A1612014 1/4*3/8 9.52mm 6.35mm 4.76mm 9.50mm
A1612024 1/4*1/2 12.70mm 6.35mm 6.35mm 9.50mm
A1612034 1/4*10mm 10.00mm 5.00mm 3.40mm 6.80m
A1612044 1/2*3/8 9.52mm 6.35mm 4.76mm 9.50mm

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