MJ-CY200G Log multiple saw machine

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Perfect log wood cutting machine to help you finish the work.Double chain structure feeding system + navigation discharging, strong and stable feeding, saw wood smoothly.

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This log multiple saw machine is design for heavy- duty machinery. It is used for cutting various hard miscellaneous wood, such as China fir, metasequoia, pine, Mongolian scotch pine, chestnut wood, poplar, beech, acacia.

The shaft is set back to spray water, small amount of water to achieve the best saw blade cooling effect;Specially designed timing, quantitative addition of water, not only to cool the blade and keep the sawdust is not very wet.

The feeding place is equipped with a height limit device. When exceeding the allowed range, the feeding will stop by itself.

High stability and good security

MJ-1430 Log multiple saw machine (7)

Infrared calibration, high accuracy of cutting materials

MJ-1430 Log multiple saw machine (8)

Bearing water cooling structure: It will keep the saw blade with a low temperature and long service life.

MJ-1430 Log multiple saw machine (6)

Fully power feeding chain structure: Keep the transportation more smoothly and operation is higher efficiency. 

MJ-1430 Log multiple saw machine (10)

The easily control buttons

Equipped with customized electronic current protection device, automatic stop feeding when motor overload;

MJ-1430 Log multiple saw machine (5)

Double motor provide enough power to make the cutting smoothly!

MJ-1430 Log multiple saw machine (4)

The original machine is equipped with 8*2 saw blades and matched with navigation saw blades.

MJ-1430 Log multiple saw machine (3)

MJ-1430  Log multiple saw machine

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Log multiple saw machine

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