MJ-CY8160B Single spindle multiple saw machine

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The single spindle multiple saw machine is used for cutting wood and trimming at the same time.

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Machine designed for Plank procession, max working thickness is 175mm, max working width is 200mm, two bearing structure. Multi rip saw working high efficiency.

Rubber plank woodworking multi rip saw machine


1,The saws structure with dual saw, through the feed rollers and pressure roller composed of feeding;

2,Pneumatic compression and electric control system;

3,Complete the multi-rip sawing wood to achieve continuous production process;

4,Rubber plank woodworking multi rip saw machine.


1.Roller device, stable feeding

2.Steel wheel feeding (with power)

3.Infrared calibration

4.Patent of axis core water spray technology

5.First company use revolving joint in China, energy efficiency and environmental protection


1.Solid wood processing factory, timber log sawmill line.

2.Company which want to lower the quantity of workers, greatly improve the speed, which want to achieve the factory automatic.

3.Which want to replace of the traditional band saw machine.


1.The power switch close to through to the position, this time the power indicator, the power to open.

2.Press the green light spindle START button, spindle started to spin. (note: the machine before run, to make sure the power wiring the correct sequence, namely the right to, clockwise), press the red button to STOP spindle, spindle STOP working.

3.According to the feeding pattern to choose different position, feeding mode has two patterns. Automatic feeding and manual mode

4.Backing only has the manual mode. If you want to back, the first step is to stop on the back pressure until top to the end then open travel switch back and click on the material button.Rubber plank woodworking multi rip saw machine

The face of the machine

view from the 45 degree side

The single spindle

The easy control table, start the operation with pressing the working buttons. 

Clear Margin saw machine MJ-4003 (4)

Orginal equipped with 6 saw blades, change different sizes spacer bushes, you can cut your need dimensions products.

Clear Margin saw machine MJ-4003 (5)

The detail specification:

MJ-4003 Single spindle multiple saw machine

Item No.


Product Name

Single spindle multiple saw machine

Max. Working width

 < 400mm

Max.working height

 ≦ 50mm

Min. Working length


Feeding speed


Main spindle


Feeding power


Saw blade spec.


Equipped saw blades


Gross weight


 Overall size


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