• Introduction of Company and products

    Ruima Machinery Co., Ltd. is a cutter and saw enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales. It provides customers with overall customized tool configuration and use solutions for household machinery and aluminum door and window production equipment. Guangdong marketing center is...
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  • 2021 Woodworking Power Tools Market Industry Research, Segmentation, Key Player Analysis and Forecast to 2027

    The global woodworking power tools market report provides the market size and compound growth from the base year to 2027. It provides participants with detailed and reliable suggestions to better solve the challenges within the global woodworking power tool market. The report listened to the opin...
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  • High Speed ​​Steel Saw Blade Market Size and Share in 2021 | Global Industry Analysis of 2027 Trends, Future Demand, and Growth Factors

    This report called HSS Saw Blade Market is one of the most comprehensive and important additions to the Reports Globe market research archive. It provides detailed research and analysis of key aspects of the high-speed steel saw blade market. market[…] This report called HSS Saw Blade Market is o...
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  • Log Multi-rip saw machine

    The log multi – blade saw is considered to have the advantages of smooth feeding, fine processing, no burning saw blade, high efficiency, low consumables, safety and environmental protection.This is an efficient, high-precision and resource-saving wood sawing technology research and equipme...
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  • How to select the blade to be effective

    1. Look at the welding of the saw blade. The part connected with the alloy and the blade body should not be too yellow like copper.There are no false solders. The solder should be somewhat white, with a thin line,very clean . No green copper rust. It has to do with safety, you don’t want me...
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  • Arden Router bits

    Arden Router bits

    Tool handling precautions: 1. Arden tools designed for professional users using different material of different tools, mainly divided into five categories: chipboard,MDF, solid wood, Plexiglass and artificialstone, professional users in accordance with the different material select a different to...
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