Arden Router bits

Tool handling precautions:

1. Arden tools designed for professional users using different material of different tools, mainly divided into five categories: chipboard,MDF, solid wood, Plexiglass and artificialstone, professional users in accordance with the different material select a different tool, in order to achieve the best result and durability of cutting, prevent the tool from pressure to break, all the tools are designed to rotate clockwise.

2. All tools at a time when finished, is by balancing test, jump doubt that there was no path, to protect the tool in use again without swinging and beating , note that the rotating machinery and equipment and excelent jacket.

3. Jacket must choose the correct size, if it is found that’s not round or wear jacket has been the case, will cause the jacket to be normal and correct clemping tool, immediately replace the jacket with satndard specifications, avoid handle tool under high- speed rotating vibration, flying off or break a dangerous situation.

4. Tool handles the installation shall be in accordance with the rules of EU. For example, 12.7mm shand diameter of the clamping depth must be up to 24mm, to keep the pressure on the shaft should be affordability. Show as the picture one. As the picture:

Arden Router bits

5. Speed setting:
Larger outsie diameter of the tools should be set in accordane with the following tachometer and slowly, and maintain promotion of uniform speed, not to stop promoting actions in cutting process. Show as the below:

Suggested router speeds
Bit diameter Maximum speed
1” (25mm) 24,000RPM
1-1/1/4”- 2”(30-50mm) 18,000RPM
2-1/4” -2-1/2”(55-65mm) 16,000RPM
3”-3-1/2” (75-90mm) 12,000RPM

6. When the cutter is blunt, replace the new tool, do not continue to use in order to avoid fracture of tool and industrial accidents.

7. Please select the blade is longer than the work items when you use a tool, such as : the groove milling depth of 12.7mm, use the 25.4mm length of the blade cutter, avoid using 12.7mm or below 12.7mm cutting tools.

8. When the operation process, use the wear safety glasses, safety push, when you use the desktop machines and equipment need to make device, avoid work items useing anti- rebound device, avoiding the accident of work items in the Rally of high speed cutting.

Post time: Jan-13-2021