How to select the blade to be effective

1. Look at the welding of the saw blade. The part connected with the alloy and the blade body should not be too yellow like copper.There are no false solders. The solder should be somewhat white, with a thin line,very clean . No green copper rust.

It has to do with safety, you don’t want metal blades flying off when you’re cutting wood. It’s as powerful as a small-bore rifle.

How to select the blade to be effective?

2.Look at the sharpened saw blade, there are four sides are sharpened, two sides, front tooth surface, top surface.Grinding smooth, no concave and convex, good consistency, the blade winger .The surface is bright. No leakage or unworn. And it will paste sawdust on the saw with high front and low back.

3. Looking at the surface of the film body, the effect of polishing should be known to everyone.The smoother the friction coefficient is low, it is not easy to stick wood chips and wood paste.Appearance is good.It can be measured to look at the plane, it can not be as uneven as the bowl.

4. If conditions permit, you can install the saw on the machine and have a test. If there is no noise or no swing when idling .(Be careful at this time) Slowly turn with your hand, measure the radial runout.

As for professional inspection methods, they only rely on equipment and measuring tools to make more in-depth inspection. The export saw blades are all 15.88mm and 25.4mm medium holes, and the domestic saw shaft seems to be 20 or 18.If you want a good cutting effect,7 inches can buy 40 or 60 teeth, cutting with 7 inches 16 or 24 teeth can be.Ten inch 24 teeth,40 teeth can be used for cutting, precision saw can be used,80 teeth or 100 teeth.

A good saw blade can cut better than a planed surface, with no burrs at the edges, especially if the wood is cut harder. That is excellent!

Post time: Jan-13-2021