Log Multi-rip saw machine

The log multi – blade saw is considered to have the advantages of smooth feeding, fine processing, no burning saw blade, high efficiency, low consumables, safety and environmental protection.This is an efficient, high-precision and resource-saving wood sawing technology research and equipment research and development project, after many years of domestic technical personnel dedicated research and development, is a high-tech achievement with independent intellectual property rights.

One log multi-chip saw can replace four traditional band saws. The equipment adopts a new structure and a number of new technologies, and its technical content reaches the international advanced level. The equipment can cut logs, half logs and square wood within 20cm diameter.Said it is efficient, high precision, because it can be a log sawing into a number of preset specifications of the board, a high degree of automation.Due to the saw blade thickness 1.5 1.7 mm, with general saw blade compared to 2.5 3.0 mm thickness, sawing saws road loss than other sawing machine was reduced by 46%, on the contrary, the material rate is as high as 76% to 80%, the lumber utilization rate of about 27% higher than that of other kinds of sawing machine, and cutting process is stable, sawing plate of uniform thickness, smooth surface, uniform smoothness high precision, also can reduce half a wood surface finishing process.

At the same time, because the total motor power is lower, the power consumption of the device is reduced by 25% to 40%.
There are two major types of log multi – blade saws: horizontal and vertical.How to choose a log multi-blade saw?

It depends on the profile you want to process – if it is the middle to take a square, be sure to choose a horizontal log multi-blade saw, because the saw blade vertical sawing logs, so no matter the size of the diameter of the log can be taken in.If it is to open all the logs, you can choose a vertical log multi-slice saw, because the saw blade cut the logs horizontally, it can be cut.


1. It is mainly used for longitudinal sawing of small diameter logs. According to the preset size, multiple plates can be sawed out at one feed.

2. Compared with the band saw, the machining efficiency is high, the precision is high, the operation is simple and convenient, and the technical requirements for the operators are not high, which makes up for the shortcomings of the band saw machining accuracy is low, the efficiency is low, the operation technical requirements are high.

3. The saw blade is equipped with cooling device, which is not easy to burn the saw blade and prolongs the service life of the saw blade.

4. Double row of sharp tooth chain feeding, simple maintenance and economic.

5. The discharging end has the active feeding guide device, which is not easy to clamp the saw blade and improves the smoothness of feeding.

6. The forward and backward guide rail and feeding guide rail of the spindle box are supplied with oil by manual lubrication pump, which prolongs the service life of the guide rail.


1. Regulating and checking the feeding chain, feeding motor chain and navigation motor inside the log multi-chip saw regularly.

2. Regularly check whether the belt length and tightness of the main motor are moderate, the oil cup of the box should be regularly filled with oil, and whether the oil pipe has been properly ports.

3. The pad cover, saw blade and navigation blade in the multi-blade saw should be cleaned regularly (3~5 days) with diesel oil, and cleaned with a clean cloth. There should be no sundries during installation, and then cleaned with a cloth.

4. The spindle core should be used to flush the hole with water once a day when replacing the log multi-chip saw, or blow the air gun at the inmost outlet to blow out the dirt and ensure the outlet is smooth.

5. Regularly check whether the spindle nut inside the log multi-slice saw machine is loose. 

Post time: Jan-13-2021