QJ-200 Photo Frame Angle Cutting Machine

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Classical machine with low labor intensity and easy operation,high efficiency and wide utility.

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You can design polygonal patterns and patterns according to the calculation Angle with this photo frame angle cutting machine.The cutting process is very smooth.The return spring automatically pushes the table back to the starting position and makes the next cut soon,the cutting process uses the motor to drive the blade rotating to complete the cutting Angle.


1,Cutting soft materials such as wooden frame ,ps frame , aluminium frame into 45,60 or 90 degree, with the help of aluminium strips at the both side which could be adjusted accordingly with the holes on the table.

2,In this way, after cutting ,it could be assembled into frames in shape of square, quadrilateral or hexagon.

3,The operation of this machine is easy, convenient and safe with high cutting speed and good cutting effect.


Photo frame cutting machine is widely used in fields of frame manufacturing or decorative area etc.

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The detail specification:

QJ-200  Photo Frame Angle Cutting Machine

Item No. QJ-200
Product Name Photo frame angle cutting machine
Max. Working width 200mm
Max.working height 70mm
Output / hour 500-600pc
Motor No.2.2 HP, 2800PRM
Votage 380/220V
Power 1.1KW
Overall size L600*W650*H780mm
Gross Weight 110kg



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